How to enjoy a bottle of wine lodiblogt for as long as possible

How to enjoy a bottle of wine as long as possible?

Perhaps you too have resolved to drink less, but that doesn’t mean we can’t open a bottle of wine, just that it doesn’t always have to be finished right away. But how to store your bottle of wine?


Every wine lover knows it. That leftover wine at the bottom of the bottle. Dinner is over, you’ve put away the dishes but that always leaves that bottle (or bottles) of wine that is just short of finished.

Shame to throw it away, but you also don’t want to run the risk that your wine is no longer good the next time you want to drink it. We therefore explain how long you can store a bottle of wine, both closed and once it is open, and give you tips on how to keep it longer.

What if a bottle of wine has been opened?

Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for your bottle of wine, there is about 21 percent oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere. Once a bottle of wine is opened, and exposed to this oxygen, it begins to oxidize. Compare it to an apple that turns brown at a given moment: this is called oxidation. When a white wine oxidizes it develops a somewhat dull taste with an apple cider-like character.

Red wine gets a flat and parched taste and often becomes a bit bitter.

Extend the lifespan

To extend the life of an open bottle of wine you need to a) expose the wine to less oxygen, b) slow down time or c) both. Exposing the wine to less oxygen is easy, you simply put back the cork. You can slow down time by putting the wine in the refrigerator.

This ensures that the chemical reactions that cause the wine to oxidize take place more slowly. This applies to both white wine and red wine storage. After these steps, the wine will keep for another three to five days, depending on the type. Not sure how long your bottle of wine has been in the fridge?

Just taste it!

How long can you keep a closed one?

If you have a bottle of wine that has not yet been opened, different rules apply. In general, you can keep red wines for two to ten years. Most red wines are meant to be enjoyed immediately and can be stored for up to three years. If you have a powerful red wine, think of a Carmenere Gran Reserva (a delicious Chilean wine), you can keep the wine for about two to six years.

And if you have a bottle of fortified wine in your hands, expect two to ten years.

Most white wines are not meant to age and should be drunk within one to two years. However, if you have a full-bodied, wood-ripened wine, you can easily put it away for about four years. For dessert wines, you can sometimes keep them for up to ten years.

A few more tips

Finally, some quick tips for keeping your unopened bottle of wine good for as long as possible:

  1. Make sure your bottles of wine (if they have a cork) are always on their side .
  2. Store your bottles of wine in a dark place.
  3. Make sure the place where you keep your wine is cool. Don’t have a wine cellar at your disposal? Avoid large temperature fluctuations in any case.

Wines, wines

Whether you are a big drinker or an occasional wine drink there is often enough left over in a bottle. With these tips, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a delicious glass of red or white.

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