Saving the best memories so they are always close

Saving the best memories so they are always close by

Although this weird year has caused a lot of things to fall through, there have also been many important moments. Milestones or celebrations you don’t want to forget. And that counts for other times too of course, times that have been and times to come. You want to keep the most beautiful memories. How? With pictures of course!

There were also special moments this year

How often do you take a great photo, post it on Instagram and Facebook, but never look at it again?? How often do you think;’I should make a photo book sometime?’ Also after this strange year we are in now. Because even though we had to cancel a lot of things, a lot of beautiful things did happen. Think of milestones, celebrations, final exams, walks or still a day out. Moments you don&#8217t want to forget. And what better way to preserve memories than by having photos printed. And then not leaving these lying around at home, but pasting them into an album, making a collage or hanging the pictures’s in the living room.

Looking back on a weird year

How we look back on this year later is different for everyone. What will prevail is that a lot of plans last year and this year did not go through. Yet there are also many alternatives found and although I was much less out and about than other years, I have plenty of photos’s in my photo folder on the laptop. Photos that I still want to do something with.

A photo album full of memories

Last year our oldest son said goodbye to group 8 and this year it is our youngest’s turn. And although camp didn’t happen last year, there was plenty organized. Also for our youngest, he is going to ‘alternative’camp on Monday and will be saying goodbye to school further that week with the final musical. Of both boys I will have pictures’s of the farewell to school, but also of the first day to middle school, for the oldest, is on picture. With these pictures I want to do something. After all, these are memories that should be preserved. What I want to do now is have these pictures printed from my laptop. Purely to preserve the memories, looking back on a weird (school) year.

Why have photos’s developed?

Can’t you make a photo album online much easier?? Maybe I do and I do sometimes. Still, I am more of a photo album making myself with photo’s printed out. The creative thing you can do with photos’s something I find incredibly fun. I can cut them up, I can write and paste all sorts of things in them. Now I have always been into Journals, so crafting a photo album is all about fun for me. No point in making an album of it. No problem either. Hang the photo’s under magnets on the refrigerator. Stick them on the inside of the toilet door or hang them on a string in the living room and make a ‘garland of memories’ of them. Keeping memories can be done in so many different ways.

Getting started with photo books

In my case, I am definitely going to work with photos’s of the last school year. After all, there is a final musical and how nice it is to have lasting memories of this to look back on later in a photo album. But also the pictures’s of camp can be in this and our vacations, the one last year, which was very different than planned in advance, but also this year. And how about the walks we took. We have enough memories that I want to have in a photo album.

Keeping memories is something of always

Having photos’printed or making photo albums is always fun and certainly not just after this weird year. For many people, it takes a while. Because how often do you hear;’I have yet to start a baby book and my child is already walking.’ Think about how nice it is to look in a photo album, also later for your children. So find those best photos’and get to work!

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