Do You Vote For The Election Toy of the Year

Do You Vote For The Election: Toy of the Year

Since Last Wednesday, we can all vote again for the toy of the year. The site shows which toys are nominated for each age group and we – the parents – but also our children can vote. Which toys are nominated read here.

Toy of the Year

Also this year Stichting Toy Nederland Organizes The Election Toy of the Year. This time they also want a lot of Attention for Good Play. This is one of the main reasons for organizing the pageant toys again in 2019. On Sept. 11, when the website opened for voting we were present at the influencers day.

The Boys Were Allowed To Try Out All The Toys That Were Nominated And Of Course Vote Themselves.

Categories to Choose from

Seven Groups Were Nominated and Winners Were Chosen in Each Group. The groups and toys nominated are:

When picking the toy of the year, consideration is given to:

Every age its own toy

Every year the Toy of the Year awards are held mainly to raise awareness of play and the importance of it.

Important characteristics of good toys:

  • stimulates the imagination
  • encourage skills
  • matching interests
  • made with care
  • Has a good price relative to the quality
  • Makes for an enjoyable pastime

Two age groups highlighted

Below I post two age group nominations, these are the toys that my 11 and 9 year old kids immediately went to play with. What is their favorite and what did they vote for?

Nominated in the 8&9 year olds group

LEGO Hidden Side The Newbury Ghost School

Do you dare visit the hidden side of Newbury High? Download the LEGO┬« Hidden Side™ app and point your phone at the school to make it come to life. Find out what happens in the app when you play with the model.

This LEGO pack was an instant heavy favorite with the boys. They got to try with the app and absolutely loved it.

toys of the year

NERF Fortnite AR-L – blaster

The NERF Fortnite AR-L blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite; it has the same look and colors as the blaster in the popular video game! Play Fortnite in real life with this motorized NERF Fortnite AR-L blaster.

Engage the engine with the gear knob and pull the trigger to shoot 1 dart. The blaster comes with a clip for 10 darts and 20 official NERF Fortnite Elite darts. So you can fully load the clip with 10 clips and you have 10 reserve doctors to reload.

Flip up the 2 sights at the top of the blaster to aim accurately.

toys of the year

The Treasure Hunters of the Kuala Archipelago

Adventure By Book: The Treasure Hunters of the Kuala Archipelago – Brainteaser Go on a treasure hunt in this innovative adventure game in comic book form. All players choose a character, get their own unique comic book and work together to track down all of Kuala’s treasures. Your choices, your story!

Atlantis Escape

Atlantis Escape. Escape… before it is too late! Can you escape from Atlantis before this mythical city disappears forever underwater? Find the shortest path from near the tallest tower to the harbor, where a ship is waiting for you to take you to safety. How many more steps before you get there?

Will you get there in time? Atlantis Escape is a compact puzzle game for children ages 7 and up with 60 3D tasks, handy to take with you anywhere.

Great castle of the Novelmore knight

PLAYMOBIL Great Castle of the Novelmore Knights. PLAYMOBIL┬«’s new knight world surprises with creative weapons, advanced defense systems and original characters. The PLAYMOBIL┬« classic in a genius new design guarantees many hours of fun.
Novelmore’s great castle features a mechanical castle gate with integrated catapult, ballista, elevator and stone ball pours. A trap door brings intruders directly to the basement room. The set includes four Novelmore characters including King John, Prince Arwynn and Dario Da Vanci, a horse, a wolf and numerous other knightly accessories.

10&11 years

The Quacks of Kakelenburg

The Quacks of Kakelenburg Board Game: Once a year in Kakelenburg, the best miracle doctors and bums come together to concoct potions for sweaty feet, homesickness, hiccups and heartbreak. Every quack here, however, cooks his own soup. Each player draws ingredients from his own stock pouch during the course of the game until he thinks his potion is perfect.

But beware: a few popping peas and the whole potion explodes. So it is better to stop in time and cook a smaller portion in order to purchase valuable ingredients with the proceeds. This way, the storage pouch fills up with more and more useful ingredients, which may make the next potion even better and score more points.

In this game with more than 2000 combination possibilities, the proven deck building system is combined with the popular “push your luck” mechanism.

toys of the year


Menara is a cooperative building game Build a temple together based on building plans of varying degrees of difficulty. Taking turns, you choose one, which you must execute in full. If it fails, the temple must be built one level higher. The building plans indicate, for example, how many pillars must be placed on one or more temple floors or whether a certain number of pillars must be moved. Since pillars may only be placed on spaces of the same color, this is all trickier than it seems.

If the temple is still standing at the end of the game and has the correct number of building layers, the players win collectively. However, if the temple collapses prematurely, the project has failed. Menara is a game for the whole family, in which both tactics and dexterity play a major role.

Pictionary Air

Pictionary air Grab a map with clues and the Pictionary Air™ pen, and start drawing! Your team tries to guess the clue while you draw in the air. The Pictionary Air™ app (available for iOS and Android devices) shows what you draw, so always keep the illuminated tip of the Pictionary Air™ pen pointed toward the smart device’s camera.

Your score is tracked in the app, so you can always see how your team is doing. Help your teammates guess by giving hints. For example, when you draw a balloon, pretend to hold the string! And when you draw a hat, draw it so it looks like you have the hat on your head

toys of the year

Slide Quest

Slide Quest is a fantastic board game where you try to help the knight reach the end of each card while avoiding traps and obstacles. Use the levers (which you attach to the box) to move the knight, but beware: there are various obstacles, guards and a rogue who will make your way difficult and lower your life counter… There are a total of 20 cards (4 different worlds with 5 cards each) that you can play: to win the game, you try to guide the knight safely and successfully through a world of 5 cards (in a small quest) or the full 20 cards (large quest) and save the kingdom. The difficulty increases as you move from one world to another.

However, if your life counter reaches zero, you lose the game.

Escape Room The Game: Jumanji Family Edition

Escape room te game Feel the excitement of an Escape Room in your own living room! In this first-ever family edition (10+) of Escape Room The Game, you must work together to solve puzzles and find hidden clues. This Jumanji edition contains 3 exciting adventures entirely fitting the Jumanji theme.

The game is completely Dutch.

It’s always a race against the clock; you only have 60 minutes to escape. The Chrono Decoder counts down, sets the mood and indicates when you may use hints. In this game, you win together or lose together. All players need to give their best. To solve riddles and puzzles on time, cooperation is the key to success.

If you’ve never played an Escape Room before, prepare for a completely new experience. Incredible how quickly an hour passes in the heat of battle…

Vote now: toy of the year

From September 11 to November 3, everyone can vote for the Toy of the Year. Also, kids can download a drawing from the site and color it in. The winner per age group will have a chance to win the nominated toy.

Influencer day Toy of the year election

During the influencer day election toy of the year, we were explained why play is so important for children and how the nominated toys were chosen. Besides that you could get explanations about all the toys and the children could play with everything. First my boys ran to the LEGO ghost school. They loved using the app on the phone to make everything come to life.

They also enjoyed the game Slide Quest, a game that involves working together. Personally was very fond of the game The Treasure Hunters of the Kuala Archipelago, an interactive game for children where they experience adventures and choose the outcome themselves.

toys of the year

Toys nominated for Toy of the Year can be recognized in stores and Online by the sticker.

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