A move- tips for packing moving boxes

A move- tips for packing moving boxes

If you have moving plans, are moving or are actively looking for a house, you are definitely not the only one. Despite the housing shortage and the sky-high prices of existing houses, the number of removals is rising. You can move yourself, but you can also get help.

Today my tips for packing your belongings for a moving.

Big growth in the Randstad

The number of relocations continues to increase and here it concerns mainly the Randstad where the growth is highest. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, it is mainly older people who are moving to other regions. General moving figures show that the Dutch move seven times in their lifetime on average.

For me that’s exactly right!

Professional by Certified Movers

Of course, you can arrange the move yourself, but most moves are done by professional movers. Many moving companies are members of the professional organization Erkende Verhuizers (Acknowledged Movers). This still gives you a security for moving the household contents professionally and safely. The household effects are insured up to a maximum amount during the move. Is there removal damage?

Then this will be reimbursed at new value. Other assurances are also offered such as a moving and down payment guarantee.

Packing, do it yourself or have it done?

If you’re moving then you have a choice about packing. When hiring a moving company, you can actually choose to pack the smaller items yourself or have the moving company do it for you. Usually you get special moving boxes and protection materials on loan. The large and heavy furniture and the (dis)assembly of certain furniture is then a job of the movers.

The company has the necessary means of transportation and the necessary experience to get the precious things to the new address undamaged.

The right protection

You certainly don’t have to worry about your good stuff. Household goods are usually protected with wrapping film and with a moving blanket. Moving blankets are made of polyester and cotton. It is a strong material that offers good protection.

Packing blankets are also available on rolls. This is ideal if the protection needs to be customized.

Moving boxes in sizes

There are different types of moving boxes meant for specific items, such as dishes and glassware, wardrobe, books and plants. The maximum weight of a box should be 15 kilograms. There are also emigration moving boxes.

These moving boxes are three times the size of a standard moving box and primarily intended for larger lightweight items.

Insight into packing

Some insight into packing is useful, for example with glassware. There are junction boxes, but they do not protect optimally. Wrap the wine glass in a sock and protect pottery with a towel. Old newspapers make an excellent stuffing in the boxes.

Do not have the right packing skills, then choose the packing service of the mover.

Making your move easier

Moving is a big job, it just is. Often it is not just the move that keeps you busy, but you may also have renovation plans or be busy looking for new furniture. Enlisting the help of a removal service is certainly not a bad thing.

Look before you move, what suits you and is convenient for you.

photo free image by congerdesign via Pixabay/ collaboration

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