How to travel on smaller budget

How to travel on smaller budget- tips

If we can go on vacation again this summer, where will you go and how? Are you going by plane? Want to go camping? Or will you choose a cottage? You may want to travel on a smaller budget this year.

These tips can help you then.

Traveling on a tighter budget

You want to go on vacation, but have a smaller budget. Maybe you're saving up for something big but still want to get away, don't have the money for an expensive vacation or just don't want to spend so much money on vacations. What can you do? Where can you go, to still have that ultimate vacation feeling?

Because even with less budget you can have a great vacation.

Go camping

Camping is one of the cheaper ways to spend your vacation, and I don't mean at a many-star, family campground with entertainment and more. If you have a smaller budget, choose a campsite that may be smaller, where there is no entertainment, but where you can also enjoy the outdoors. With camping you make the kids happy, think of the freedom they have, the adventure of sleeping in a tent, cooking outside and making friends. Now even when camping, it's okay to provide a little luxury.

So even if you want to travel on a tighter budget, don't skimp on a good and sturdy camping chair, a waterproof tent, a table to eat at and good air beds.

On cycling holiday

Travel on a smaller budget, then a cycling vacation is also ideal. Your legs do the work, so you save a lot on petrol. Find farm campsites for the road.

Make sure you don't take too long days on your bike and also plan days off in between. Are you really ‘so not a fan of camping’ then you can always opt for hotel accommodation, but cheaper than a B&B or for example hostels.

On hiking vacation

The same counts for a hiking holiday. You can do this in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Let's assume for the sake of convenience that we can do more again this summer, then you could take the train and go hiking from a station abroad.

Plan campsites in advance, bring a lightweight tent and hike away. Also here you can of course choose a B&B or a hostel if you don't like camping at all.


What might also not be a bad idea is home exchange. You can choose to rent a house, but during this time your own house is empty. You can do this differently, because what if you rent out your house at this time??

Your vacation may cost money, but in the meantime, you're also earning.

More tips for traveling on a smaller budget:

  • Go on vacation in the off-season if possible.
  • Find a destination that is not too popular.
  • You don't have to do something every day, a day of rest with a book is also a vacation.
  • Eat ’at home’ on the camping spot or in the cottage, cook for yourself and do not go out to eat every day.
  • Discover your surroundings and stay in the Netherlands. Maybe something you've been doing lately, but do you know how to find all the hidden gems in your? You really don't always have to go far away to see something beautiful.
  • Live like a local, avoid the touristy places, take public transport, eat what the locals eat.

Above all, enjoy the vacation

Wherever you go on vacation, however much money you can spend and whatever you do, make sure you unwind and enjoy yourself.

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