December the last month update of my Bullet Journal

December the last month update of my Bullet Journal

This is the last time I do a monthly update on my Bullet journal. It was super fun to do this for a year, but after a year of Bullet Journal I'm moving on to another planner. But of course I will show you December.

My Bullet Journal

Earlier I mentioned in an update about my Bullet Journal, that I stop using my Bullet Journal as a diary. At least for the new year. I really enjoyed using my Bullet Journal.

And I enjoyed making a new monthly and weekly plan every month. But a lot of time went into it and when I was allowed to review some planners I got my hands on the My-Journal. I was so excited about this that I decided to keep using my Bullet Journal in 2020, but not for my planner.

New planner

I wrote an extensive review about the My-Journal, which I love because it has lots of space for me to work on my own. It is a bit like my Bullet Journal but without the hard work I have now. Also in this planner I can plan all my days, post an update and jot down my favorite books and movies.

Update for December

So here again my update for the month of December. I also notice that my pages’re not as fun and cheerful as usual. So it is good that I am going to use something else.

On my Pinterest page, by the way, I do keep my Bullet Journal board as usual though. Just keep following this one for tips and ideas

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