These are the children’s clothing trends of summer 2021

These are the children’s clothing trends of summer 2021!

Are you curious which children’s clothing is the trend this summer? What trends do we see for boys’ clothes and girls’ clothes in terms of colors, fabric and model? We did research and checked which clothes are popular at OTTO and others.

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The colors of 2021

In terms of colors, we see a lot of earthy colors in clothes this summer. Think army green, gray, brown and sand color. Fortunately, that’s not to say that color really can’t be done this summer: quite the contrary!

Like every year, nice bright colors are definitely a go! Even neon is hot this summer, it doesn’t get much brighter than that!

I can hear you thinking: what about prints?? Especially for the girls, we see animal prints everywhere, so this is definitely a trend for this summer as well. Think panther print, leopard print or zebra print.

For boys we see almost no prints this year, so it’s better to skip the prints there.
We do see tie-dye prints still coming back this summer in various ways, so if your son or daughter likes that, then that’s still okay to wear!

Jumpsuits and flared pants for girls

The jumpsuit is now a thing of the past and fortunately it is still a trend. This summer you can walk in your breezy jumpsuit, or you can choose a jumpsuit with short sleeves and legs.

Flared pants are also mega hot! These are the pants that fit well at the thighs and run wide at the calves/shoes. Choose these in fun prints or just in an earthy color: with both you will follow the trend completely!

Are you curious what children's clothing trends are this summer? What trends do we see in terms of colors, fabric and model? Read it here!

Mix and Match

Mix and match this summer. Very nice, because it saves a lot of money! That one shirt goes well with the other pants, as long as the colors don’t clash.

Print on print also works fine, as long as it doesn’t clash.

Cheerful dresses

Dresses are allowed in all kinds: from one color to different colors and prints in a dress. So here again you see the mix and match principle coming back, but in one dress. Think dotted bottom and striped top.
We also see a lot of lace in dresses, especially at the back which is beautiful! At OTTO you have a beautiful dress for girls with a lace back, so that is definitely recommended!

Sustainable clothing

Luckily it is becoming more and more important where your clothes are made and that your clothes are fairtrade. Think handmade clothes or clothes made by people in poorer countries, for a fair salary.
We also see that sustainable clothing is hot, or clothing made of organic cotton.

Comfy Sporty

The boys must be very happy with this trend, because they can go to school in their sweatpants! The comfortable, sporty clothing is here to stay and we see it this year, especially with the boys! This trend was probably started by homeschooling: no tight skinny jeans but a nice pair of sweatpants, laptop and work all day long.

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