Help!! Choice stress..

Choice stress. We all suffer at times. What are we going to eat?

What to wear? For weeks I’ve been brainstorming the best Christmas present for the kids. Already tig times I opened Google and each time I looked for a different gift.

While one day I was convinced I was going to give a CD player, the next day I went looking for a Playmobil tree house. So I went back and forth from one shop to another for weeks. Everything is fun but choosing? Ho but.

I suffer quite a bit from choice stress and in the month of December it’s a state altogether.

Choice stress

Choice stress is a form of stress caused by being overwhelmed with information that needs to be considered in order to make a ‘good’ choice. (Source; Wikipedia)

Yep, that troubles me. In today’s society and the prosperity of this country, you can’t think of anything or you can choose it. The misery already started when I left school.

What on earth was I going to do? After some not so good study choices, I switched schools again and ended up finishing my studies in Social Pedagogical Assistance. If I had to choose an education again, I would probably choose something completely different again. The idea alone gives me the creeps. I really could not choose.

Fortunately, I don’t have to and the stress of choosing is currently limited to all the things that go with the December month. Where back in October I started scoring Saint presents, (Oh no, sorry Pete did that of course) I now have to arrange some presents for Christmas. And that will be next week already!


I have reviewed the entire assortment of the three toy stores in town a hundred times already. The little man does have a wish list, but it counts nine pages’s so that doesn’t offer any grip either. Too bad. So for weeks I have been brainstorming, searching, weighing what to give the kids for Christmas. But also, what on earth am I asking myself?

And what do I give the husband and the accompanying in-laws? Pfff..

So yesterday I went to the biggest toy store in the country. Super nice. A mega store with a mega assortment.

I thought I could choose well. I entered a kind of Valhalla for children. The entire Playmobil range, hundreds of Duplo boxes to choose from, even more cars’s, a gigantic corner of pink girl stuff. Well.. and there you are. After three laps through the store, I was getting oppressive.

I had too much choice! Fortunately, I then have a first-rate practical and bright-minded man-person under my speed dial on my phone. I called the husband and told him about my panic, that I really couldn’t choose, that everything was nice, and so on and so forth. Within three seconds this practical man made the choice for me. How wonderful not to have to think.

I just did not run to the checkout. Wrapped the gifts, (Bit of a shame they didn’t even have Christmas paper there) and went to my car singing.

All that remains now is; what do I give my mother-in-law, husband, sister-in-law and what do I ask for myself? And panic struck again…

Do you also suffer from choice stress? Or am I really the only one who gets cramped by the December month?

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