Sinterklaas wish list gift inspiration for children

Sinterklaas wish list: 12 gift inspiration for kids

December, it seems like a long time away, but before you know it St. Nicholas will be back in the country again. So time for the kids to get their Sinterklaas wish list to fill in. Gift inspiration for kids, Hasbro is helping us and has listed a top 12 must-have kids gifts.

Christmas wish list for children

The gingerbread cookies have been in the stores for months and the gift books have been coming in the mail as well. Time for Hasbro to list the top 12 must-have kids' gifts. After all, children are now eager to fill in their Sinterklaas wish list.

Have less inspiration now, take a look at this list. Who knows what you get gift inspiration from here.

Furreal Dimples my toy Dolphin

What child does not want a toy dolphin on his or her Sinterklaas wish list and with Dimples the dolphin is always great fun. This interactive animal toy will be your (grand)child's new best friend in no time, as Dimples can make over eighty sounds and loves her included fish snack. She loves to be brushed and when you pet her, she wags her fin gently. And roll her ball to her?

Then she tries to hit it back!

Age: 4+, recommended retail price: € 109.99. For more information click here

Play-Doh cakes oven

In this toy baking oven from Play-Doh, make the most beautiful cakes. Place Play-Doh clay in the baking pan, put it in the oven and watch the cake rise. When the cake is ready, you will hear ‘ping’. And then it's time to decorate your cake! With tufts of garnish you make with decorating tools or all kinds of colorful Play-Doh toppings.

For even more creative fun, each Play-Doh cake has a secret cavity to put a colorful surprise in for when you cut the cake!

Age: 3+, recommended retail price: € 29.99. Here you can find all the information about the toy cake oven

A toy baking oven from Play-Doo on St. Nicholas' wish list

Play-Doh Top Dentist

Perhaps not a gift that children immediately think of putting on their St. Nicholas wish list, because going to the dentist is not everyone's favorite hobby. But scary is this super cute Play-Doh set. not at all. Let your patient stick out his Play-Doh tongue and use the teeth mold to create a whole row of Play-Doh teeth. Are they crooked?

Then make a bracket with the special silver clay. Hole spotted? Just drill with the manual toy drill and fill it with the spray press full of golden clay.

In addition to the drill, the set includes toy tweezers, toothpick, mirror, syringe press, tooth mold, toothbrush, dental floss, dental roller, toy patient and eight jars of clay.

Age: 3+, recommended retail price: €19.99.

Play-Doh Wheels Monster Truck

Now look how cool this Play-Doo Wheels monster truck is! Kids make their own Play-Doh cars very well with the mold and then they can crush them in the truck's snapping jaws or under its big tires. The toy monster truck also squeezes Play-Doh flames and smoke out of the exhaust and toy engine. Add extra obstacles to the monster truck rally with cones and other shapes you can make with the half shapes.

The terrain clay is even more fun to knead and crush than regular Play-Doh clay.

Gift tip for Saint Nicholas a Play-Doh Wheels Monster Truck


The FurREAL GLAMALOTS should be on every pet lover's wish list, because you like to give your pet the craziest outfits, but the dog or cat doesn't quite agree? For the FurReal GLAMALOTS from Hasbro, things can't get crazy enough! Because how easy is it for your GLAMALOT to sit neatly still while you groom and dress him?.

And then walk with you on a sunny walk in the park or in your garden.

Age: 4+, recommended retail price: €29.99

Disney Princess ultimate party castle

Whether the Disney Princess ultimate party castle will be on many Sinterklaas wish lists, I don't know, because what a lot of money. But how cool! That children dream of this, I understand very well.

All the princesses gather at the Disney Princess Ultimate Party Castle! This ultimate party castle is about 122 cm, divided into three floors and six rooms. With complete furnishings, this playhouse is a dream for any child who loves to play with dolls. The dollhouse is equipped with a set of 29 accessories, including forks, spoons, a teapot, teacups, plates, a comb, a mirror, … enough to let your imagination run wild all the way. In addition, the top windows light up with fireworks and music sounds at the same time.

Spectacle guaranteed.

Age: 3+, recommended retail price: € 179.99

The gift for the Saint Nicholas list Disney Princess the ultimate party castle

Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR

Fortnite fans, beware: the Nerf Heavy SR blaster makes you look like you walked right out of the game. Plus, the longest Nerf Fortnite blaster ever made. He's over a meter long! This is how to make your opponents sweat before you've even fired a shot. The blaster features the Red Camo Wrap from the game and comes with a clip for six darts and six official Nerf Mega foam darts.

Load the blaster with the clip, slide the bolt to prepare a dart for firing, and pull the trigger to assault your target. With those long-range shots you are in control!

Age: 8+, recommended retail price: € 64.99

NERF Ultra select

The NERF Ultra Select blaster lets you shoot darts further and more accurately. This blaster has room for a total of twenty darts. Ten of the included darts are designed for distance (up to 36 meters)!) and the other ten for accuracy.

Press a button on the blaster to select which darts you want to fire and, if you play it smart, you're sure to come out a winner!

Nerf Hasbro

NERF Fortnite B-AR

Now Nerf has even more, namely the Nerf Fortnite B-AR blaster that is also inspired by the equipment from Fortnite. Gets you ready for action with this motorized dart-blasting! The blaster features the Converge Wrap from the game and has a removable clip for ten darts and ten official Nerf Elite darts.

All you have to do to fire a dart is load the blaster, hold the trigger button and pull the trigger. The darts are made of foam, so suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Monopoly comes out with new games every time and the real Monolpy fans, of course, love it. Now you can play the ‘normal’ game, but how cool is it to have other variants in the house as well

Monopoly Junior Peppa Pig

For younger children there is Monopoly Junior Peppa Pig. How much fun is this! With Peppa, George, Mama or Papa Big as pawns, buy Peppa's house, Grandpa Big's garden or Snow Mountain.

Plus, you also practice your counting skills right away with counting the Monopoly money. This should definitely be on your Sinterklaas wish list!

Monopoly Building

The Monopoly game with a strategic twist that comes to life on Monopoly Island, in the center of the board. With this strategic game you buy properties, in your rent and collect building resources. In addition, use the building blocks to build your island city. The more you build, the more points you collect.

And build the penthouse? Then you won.

Monopoly counterfeit money

In Monopoly Counterfeit Money things are not always as they seem. There is fake money and there are fake chance cards in the game! Fortunately, Mr. Monopoly its decoder with you so you can identify the fake items and still make substantial money.

In addition, you get 'accusation tokens' with which you can challenge your opponents. The player with the most money at the end of the game – real or fake – wins!

Age: 8+, recommended retail price: €29.99. Buy this item here

HaMomopoly for younger children, with Peppa Pig For on the Saint Nicholas wish list, Monopoly Building Gift for young and old. Monopoly counterfeit money

Be on time with your shopping

It's wise to have the kids make their Sinterklaas wish lists in advance, after all, this year can be pretty busy for the saint in terms of shopping. Start on time to avoid disappointment. And get inspired here in this article or further on my blog where you can come across many more children's toys.

photo’s highlighted free image by Marjon Besteman via Pixabay/ image bank Hasbro

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