Decorating your garden is how you do it

Decorate your garden in a cozy way

Spring is coming and how nice it is that we can spend a lot of time in the garden again in a while! Could your garden use some extra atmosphere? Ilse from the interior design blog shares tips with us on how to make it cozy in the garden.

Our garden is our second living room and, weather permitting, I spend more time outside than inside. Every summer our garden looks just as cozy as the living room. These tips will make your garden just as cozy.

Determine your seating area

A nice place to sit in the garden is nice. Preferably choose a spot where you can sit in the sun as well as in the shade. So it’s a nice place to be all year round. With a shade cloth or parasol you can ensure that you can always sit in the shade.

We ourselves have a pergola that in a few years will hopefully be completely overgrown with grapes, this way we will have a natural shade spot and also extra greenery in the garden.

What kind of seating area do you want in the garden? Would you like a garden table with chairs, a nice lounge sofa or maybe both? And do you have enough room for a hanging chair or nice lounger?

By arranging your garden with seating areas first, you set the base and can get to work on the rest.

Plants, plants, more plants

A garden without plants is not a garden. Whether you opt for large borders or a few plants in pots, plants in the garden are part of the deal.

Pay attention to the care tips when buying plants. Where should the plant be placed? In shade, semi-shade or sun?

How big will the plant be? And what is the flowering time of the plant?

I have a garden full of different plants. All plants look different, both in leaf color, size and width and flowering time of the plant. This ensures a varied garden that is always in bloom and makes it look extra cozy.

Atmospheric lighting in the garden

The easiest way to make it cozy in the garden at night, too: provide mood lighting on the patio. A pretty garland of lights under the canopy, lanterns under a pergola or windlights in the garden: all great ideas to create a fairy-tale atmosphere in the evening. Garden lighting in the borders or on the fence also creates an atmospheric garden at dusk.

Make it atmospheric in the garden

If the basis is in order you can really make it cozy in the garden. An outdoor rug nicely borders the seating area and makes it instantly cozy.
Decorative cushions in the lounge area look great and fortunately there are more and more cushions for sale especially for outdoor use. But decorative cushions for indoors can also lie outside during the summer months. Do bring it inside when it rains and keep in mind that dark colors like black fade faster in the sun.

Small side tables are not only practical but also very cozy. And nice decoration on the fence or wall, such as a nice garden poster or insect hotel, should not be missing either. And with these tips for decorating the canopy you can add to the atmosphere of the garden.

With these tips, you can turn your garden into a cozy place in no time. So you can spend many hours in your own green oasis.

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