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Yep, The Weekend is Almost Over Again. Just One More Sunday to Enjoy and Then the Normal Week Starts Again. I have had a Varied week. Pregnancy is Tough But also a lot of good times. Like the Last Few Weeks, Today I Am Sharing Ten Things That Made Me Happy.

1. Last Sunday I was 33 weeks pregnant and again I enjoyed a very nice ride on my horse. Fat Belly in the Saddle and Go.
2. Our Extended ‘ Backyard ’ That makes me happy every time. We live next to a nice piece of nature and regularly go for a ride. The Little Man Especally Loves The Crossing With The Boat. 3. A Super Tasty Cake! Made by the Little Man and My Sister. Yummy!

That made me happy

4. A Day Trip To Brabant Where My Family Lives. That Always Means A Visit To The Farm. Cuddling a Cow with a newborn calf.
5. Coming Into the Barn, to Your Horse, And Finding A TOO Sweet Present in Your Tack Locker. I have a very sweet rider for my horse who Helps me a lot. She Gave Me This Super Cute Horse As A Present. He is now showing off in the baby's room.
6. My Mess of Animals Who Get Along So Well. Happy Moments Every Time To See That Couple Together. Totally fun.

what made me happy

7. After a morning in the hospital, picking up my little man from a dear friend's house. The Pregnancy Checkup Went a Little Differently than Planned and So Our Toddler Stayed with His ’ Aunt ’. On My Way From the Hospital I Got A Message That There Was A Sandwich Waiting For Me Because She Knows How Hungry I Always Am. When I got there my son had snatched that sandwich so they made me fresh sandwiches ’ s for me. Super To Be Able To Fall Back On Dear Friends.
8. The Same Topper Tok The Little Man To Blijdorp For The Day. He had such a great time and I was able to relax for a day. Another Happy One.
9. Being Surprized With A Great Baby Shower! Enjoying High Tea, Sweet Girls, Beautiful Gifts and Fun Games. Let That Baby Come.
10. At that same baby shower I got our ‘ baby-to-be ’ a very cool pair or pink riding pants in size 92! Yeeeeeeh!

And then it turns out that you had a very nice week despite the pregnancy being difficult. On to a new week with hopefully many things that make me happy.
What were your great moments this week?

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