You can play outside all year round with these outdoor toys

You can play outside all year round with these outdoor toys

Playing outdoors all year round. And that includes outdoor toys. But with which outdoor toys will you score with your children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren??

Today I’m listing outdoor toys for year-round play.

Playing outside all year round

With outdoor toys you quickly think of summer, but also in the other months when it is colder, children can play outside and there are plenty of toys for that as well. Of course we all know the real summer outdoor toys, think water guns and swimming pools. But there are also plenty of outdoor toys for your child to play with all year round.

What outdoor toys do you choose

Which outdoor toys can children enjoy playing outside all year round?? Today I list my favorites -well, what made my kids happy:

A go-kart

And then I start with the go-kart, because how much fun is it for children to ride a go-kart. But it is important to find the right go-kart for your child. A go-kart that he or she can ride well and safely on.

These go-karts can be found at berg skelter. There is a large selection of go-kart models to choose from.

Go-karts can be found for children as young as 2 years old. It is wise to choose a go-kart that is adjustable. Often you can adjust the seat and steering wheel so that the go-kart grows with your child or children.

Balance bikes and children’s bikes

In addition to go-karts, balance bikes, tricycles and children’s bikes are ideal for outdoor play. Don’t put them away in the shed, but let kids practice and ride them all year long. You often tend to practice riding bikes without training wheels with children in the summer months, but even when it’s colder, it’s of course perfectly fine to practice on a two or three-wheeler.

Playing ball

Ball games can always do the trick, think soccer, loafing or basketballs. Playing outside with a ball is certainly not just for summer. When it is colder, children may need a little encouragement, but even then, why not play outside with a ball??

Soccer practice continues anyway.

If you have a grassy area in front of your house, consider soccer goals or a mini basketball net.

A playhouse in the backyard

The dream of every child, a playhouse in the garden. Did we have and plastic climbing house for years, is a wooden one with slide and climbing device, of course totally ‘The Bomb’. If you have room for this in the garden, it is really worth considering, because what fun children can have with this all year round.

A trampoline

Something that never bores children is a trampoline. Here they can really play outside all year round. After all, jumping is always possible.

Many children find it nice, in the months that they are less outside, to jump on the trampoline every day, just to get that energy out of it.

Vacation toys

A while back, when the world was more uncertain, I wrote about what to do if you stay home this summer, then I also wrote about vacation toys. And how fun you can also play with this at home, but of course that also counts for outside the vacations. After all, why not play badminton, bocce or frisbee at home??

Don’t leave these toys with the vacation stuff, grab them now and go play with them outside.

Playing outside is always possible

We are blessed with a big lawn in front of the house. A lawn where the kids have always enjoyed playing. As they get older, this is less so, but even now, there can still just be a game of soccer here.

There’s a trampoline in the backyard. Our youngest son jumps on these every day, whether it’s summer, spring, fall or winter. He is there.

Playing outside is so good for children that we have to encourage them too. And you can do that all year round with the above tips!

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