10x what made me happy 7

It's Sunday again. Last week I was lying in the sun, now I am sitting warm inside on the couch. The Weather Turned Rather Bad But That Didn't Spoil The Fun. Also Today I Give You A Look At My Past Week With The Things That Made Me Happy. It is a little noticeable that there are a lot of food photos ’ s this week. Sorry! Hungry Week! But that's allowed once in a while huh, when you're pregnant 😉

10x what made me happy

1. Last week I Told you that we had a very cool shoot. This week I Received the Photos From Let ’ s Photograph. Wow! Very Happy About It. Beautiful Belly Pictures ’ S but also Very Cool Pictures ’ s of Our Little Family.
2. At My Awesome Baby Shower A Few Week AGO, I Received A Gift Certificate from A Store Near Here. I had a good day of the week and went with the husband to collect that coupon. A very nice outfit for the baby of z8.
3. And ‘ Airplane Pants ’ for the little man with sweater, Both From Z8. The sweatpants were still on our wish list which I wrote about last Wednesday. Very nice that we found them.

which made me happy

4. Wednesday the little man went to visit grandma again. That day also started the European Dressage Championships in Aachen. Unfortunately I couldn't be there but the live stream made me very happy. Watching horse racing on the couch. I am secretly doing the same right now while typing this post.
5. ’In the evening the husband had his farewell from the volunteer work he did for five years. He‘s been working’every Wednesday at a residential group with mentally disabled youngsters. The farewell was celebrated grandly and he received many gifts. I made grateful use of that. Read; in a day and a half the box of Merci was empty. Neat anyway.
6. Since I was in eating mode anyway, we made yummy mini apple crumble tarts the next day. Feast!

which made me happy

7. Saturday I read that it was Mother's Day in Antwerp. Ok, that's QUITE A DISTANCE AWAY BUT I decided to throw this in the Group Anyway. Miraculously this was immediately picked up by the little man and hubbie. Fifteen minutes later I was treated to breakfast in bed. Yet to make a list of all Mother's Days Worldwide 😉
8. Another Good Day, I had the energy to go out for a while. So with the men we get used to the rabo horse racing in Maasdijk. Just Enjoying Horseracing.
9. This Morning I Was Doing Reasonly Well. I Could Finally Go to My Horse Again. That handsome frieze is very well tasks care of for me but i do miss him. So this morning we stopped by again and the little man was going to clean it. On the picture you can see how he cleans the ‘ Elbow of Samos ’ or the horse. 10. The Men Are Now Cycling A Long Way With The Dogs. I just got a message that little man had cycled QUITE A DISTANCE BY HIMELF. Really Clever because he is only three years old.

What Were Your HappyMakers This Week?

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