Autumn Window Decoration Crafts

DIY Autumn Window Decoration Crafts

While We're Enjoying Thesis Sunny Days in October I'm Already Bringing A Bit of Autumn Into The House. Window Decoration Crafting is something that is always fun to do and quickly creates a cozy effect. I Went to Work with Tissue Paper and Black Cardboard and Made Autumn Leaves On the Windows.

DIY; Autumn Window Decoration Crafts


What a lovely weather we have so far this autumn. This will get me through this season just fine. I Don't Want the Gray, Dark Weather, But The Fall Colors and Scents Always Make Me Very Happy.

So that's why I started window decoration crafting. In autumn colors of course. We made great leaves that let the light shine through for instant autumn happiness.

What you need?

  • black paper/cardboard
  • pencil
  • tissue paper (for sale at Action, among other places)
  • scissors
  • transparent sticky plastic
  • glue

How to proceed?

First you draw a leaf shape on a black paper. I chose a simple shape and drew a few squares in it, creating leaf veins.

DIY; Autumn window decoration crafts

Place two sheets of black paper on top of each other and carefully cut out the shape. This way you get two exactly the same leaves.

Now take the scrapbooking paper and cut a piece to fit your sheet exactly. I cut a rectangle the size of an A4. Remove the backing from the sticky back. Don't pull off the whole piece immediately but start with a piece of 5 centimeters.

Put your black leaf shape on it and then pull the protective layer of the adhesive paper further and further away.

This will keep your plastic from sticking to everything and prevent bubbles from forming.

DIY; Autumn window decoration crafts

When your plastic sheet is firmly attached cut away the edges.

Next, tear small pieces of the tissue paper. Have you had your toddler do this before? Tearing seems easy but can be a difficult skill for a toddler.

A nice exercise for the fine motor skills.

DIY; Autumn window decoration crafts

Then you stick all the pieces on the sticky side of the sticky plastic inside the boxes of your autumn leaf. A fun chore for your kids or just for yourself of course.

DIY; Autumn window decoration crafts

Once you've filled the entire shape, put the other black leaf shape on top and glue it on.

DIY; Autumn window decoration crafts

I then made two more of these leaves so it would be a nice whole on the window. With double-sided tape you can stick them on the window just fine.

DIY; Autumn window decoration crafts

Is your house already autumn-proof?


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