10x what made me happy

Last week was a particularly hot week. The Sun Warmed Up Our Little Chickadee to Boiling Point. Like A Lot Of People, The Sun Always Makes Me Very Happy. OK, the overdid it a bit this week but there were at least 10 more things that made me happy. Very Happy briefly! Here is a little summary.

  1. I Got a Taste of Le-Photography. She Tok Some Great Pictures of My Horse Last Week. I have leg waiting anxiously and after a few days I got to see the first result. Wow!
  2. The Blond Hair of Our Little Man. With all the sun they are extra bright. I used to be so blond so secretly it is very nice that he also has that that.
  3. Daisy and the New Kitten Olivier, who are starting to like each other a lot.
  4. TAME READING THE BLOG Book, by Kelly DERIEMAKER. Soaking Up The Sun On A Lounger While the Little Guy Has Fun With The Pool And His Mud Kitchen.
  5. Getting rid of a whole bag of black and white. Soooo Tasty. Unfortunately I was then sick to my stomach because a bag is not made to be in one go. If Such ’ A Bag is open it must be Empty. Too bad.
  6. Going for a ride on my horse with a big belly (32 week pregnant). Now that is fun!
  7. Eating Guacamole with Nacho Chips. Another Things That Can Make Me Feel Sick To My Stomach. Oops.
  8. A Little Man Sleeping In. For his sake then and for ‘ Mommy Standards ’. I also Really Understand That Sleeping In Should Really Be Until At Least Ten O’Clock, But That’s Pretty Hopeless With A Toddler In The House. That Meant Sleeping An Hour Longer. Yippie!
  9. Freshly Picked Wild Flowers. Too Bad They Always Fall Out After Two Days And Hang Limply In Their Little Vase, But Then Again We had a little fun with them anyway.
  10. The Rain That Finally Came This Afternoon. Rain Normally Makes Me, To Put It Mildly, Quite Grumpy. Today, However, It Came At Just the Right Time. Watering The Garden All Week Made US A Bit Simple Too.

That made me happy

What Made You Happy This Week? Also of the sun or more of other things? I Am Curious.

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