The summer promotion of Sweakers -anti slip swim socks

The summer action of Sweakers -anti slip swimming socks

Ockyz is not only known for their anti-slip swim socks: Sweakers® but they also have incredibly nice swimwear, of a very good quality! Swimming fun guaranteed where safety comes first!

What are Sweakers

Swimming pools are often slippery, the edges of swimming pools are slippery and especially when small children want to run, slipping is a great danger. Prevent falls and misery with Sweakers® non-slip swimming socks. These non-slip swim socks are comfortable due to the open toes, providing balance and optimal feeling.

The socks are antibacterial and come in many different colors and design. The socks are rough on the bottom so slipping is a thing of the past.

Much used in the pool these non-slip swimming socks

The boys have had the non-slip socks from Ockyz for a few years now and find it fine to wear them in the pool. Especially in the summer we are here a lot. Outside but also inside. Actually, they never protested when they asked me to wear the socks, something I thought beforehand.

Just because they noticed that they have much more grip with Sweakers® on, Not only do they not slip, they find it more comfortable walking in the water themselves. They finally have more grip on the bottom. The socks are easy for them to put on and take off by themselves, even when wet.


Eight different colors of Sweakers® are now on sale. Where previously only smaller sizes were for sale, the socks now also come in larger sizes. You have socks with bright colors, but also socks with quiet colors.

So they stand out as much as you like.


In addition to the non-slip swimming socks, Ockyz also sells swimwear for boys and girls in sizes 92 to 128. The swimsuits are cheerful in color and good quality. You can feel by the fabric that, after a summer of going down slides, these will not be worn out.

Nice detail is the Glow in the Dark logo on the swim trunks. Cool, for disco swimming, said the youngest. For girls, there is a super cheerful collection of swimsuits and bikini’s.

Fun, with flowers, ruffles and bows.

Why are Sweakers® so popular?

  • More safety on slippery pool surface
  • They are comfortable and the open toes provide optimal feel and balance
  • Antibacterial and high hygiene factor in public places
  • Cool and fun designs, kids love to wear them
  • Excellent quality, made in Europe
  • Sweakers® last 4 sizes, water shoes 1 size

Action this summer

With the beautiful weather and summer vacations coming up, Sweakers® has two great promotions:

  1. Swimwear + 1 pair Sweakers for only 24,95
  2. 2 pairs of Basic Grey Sweakers for only 25 euros

If you have water rats like me, this action is highly recommended. I myself am very satisfied with the swimwear and the Sweakers® non-slip swimming socks. The advantage is that I am much calmer at the edge of the pool when they are wearing these socks.

Do your kids already wear Sweakers in the pool??


A photo from an earlier article, where the boys are wearing the Sweakers.

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