Fruit purees delicious and ideal for a healthy breakfast

Fruit puffs, tasty and ideal for a healthy breakfast

Do you like to eat fruit for breakfast, but don’t feel like having to prepare it first thing in the morning? Or do you like to eat it as a snack but don't want to put too much effort into it? Servero now has 100% fruit purees.

Delicious with a healthy breakfast but also as a snack.

A piece of fruit every day

Fruit must. Fruit is delicious. Every day.

Only sometimes preparing fruit is a hassle. Servero makes life easy with the new 100% Fruit Pearls. They are made of 100% fruit (mash and pieces) and nothing else. Niente, nada, nothing, as my kids always say. The puffs contain no added sugars or preservatives.

And the fruit purées fit well within the disk of five.

Fruit Pearls from Servero

Servero makes fruit accessible. So you or your children can have a responsible fruit snack at any time of the day. The 100% Fruit Puffs come in a handy sleeve of four tubs.

The only thing you need is a spoon and you can start feasting!

100% Fruit Morning in three flavors

Servero 100% fruit purees come in three delicious varieties: apple, pineapple and banana or how about apple, mango, peach and passion fruit or just delicious: pear and apple.

As breakfast or snack

Of course Servero 100% Fruit Pearls are for eating as such, but also try them as part of your daily breakfast with (vegetable) yogurt and cereals, as a responsible snack or a fruity dessert. I love them for breakfast. I eat limited carbohydrate and the fruit purees fit perfectly into a healthy and tasty breakfast with growing yogurt, unsalted nuts, flaxseed and blueberries.

For more recipe inspiration visit the website of Servero.

With no additives

I'm a fan of Fruit Puffs, I love it for a healthy breakfast It takes me no time or effort ’morning to add this to my oatmeal breakfast and the fruit puffs are 100% fruit, with no added sugars or dyes and with 100% taste! And my kids, they love to eat it for dessert.

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