Request the free Bulbby baby bag

Did you give birth between October 21, 2018 and January 21, 2019? Then request the baby bag at Bulbby. Bulbby is a web store with an enormous amount of personalized products. And now a super fun promotion for you or a girlfriend. How to receive this bag?

Read on quick.

Bags and case

In the last year I got to know the Bulbby website well. They have personalized clothing, bags and accessories and I already succeeded here for backpacks and cases for the boys. The products are so nice. And not only because their name is on this, but often you can also add a favorite animal, hobby or what more.

This is how their backpack is made entirely to their own idea.

Just gave birth, then there is nothing nicer than to receive gifts

When I was pregnant I really enjoyed picking up pregnant and baby boxes at certain stores. I thought it was too nice to be able to unpack and put small baby socks or hugs in the room. How nice it is to receive a baby bag even after you have given birth.

This is now possible at Bulbby. Anyone who gave birth between October 21, 2018 and January 21, 2019 can request this baby bag. The bag is filled with a free baby hat with name; some goodies and a number of flyers with a nice discount code.

Perfect for all new dad ’ s and mama ’ s!

How can you receive this baby bag?

  1. Send your birth announcement card to i N f O @ B u L b B y.c O m or to the address in Amersfoort (see site);
  2. Always state your own e-mail address;
  3. You will receive a code by e -mail with which you can request the bag for free.

It's that easy! A small effort, for a memory that always stays. A cap with name is a great souvenir of your maternity period.

Free Baby Bulbby Bag

Did you not give birth yourself, but you know someone who has just had a child? Then let us know that they can request a free baby bag on the Bulbby site! That is something they should definitely not miss, anyway? The best item from the baby bag is of course the own baby hat, but also partners from Bulbby have also made some products available.

It is therefore a nice surprise to open the baby bag and see what is in it.

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