Make time for a break and stay more productive

Make time for a break and stay more productive

You keep on working, you don’t stop, you forget to take a break, you drink cold coffee and at 2:30 you realize you haven’t had lunch yet. Especially when you work from home you often forget the time, but how bad is this for your. For yourself, your productivity, but also your eyes.

Make time for a break. I give tips.

Think of yourself

Sometimes you need someone to tell you to take a break mid-day. Your partner, your phone you set an alarm on or the kids who need to be picked up from school. After all, taking a break is so important. For your eyes, your productivity and your health.

When you work from home you will totally find that taking breaks is difficult, therefore some tips.

Schedule a walk

Put every day in your agenda when you are going to exercise, this can be sports, but also just a 20 minute walk. Block it in your calendar and you know you’ll be doing something else for a while then.

Go and do something else for half an hour

Go and do something else for half an hour, find a hobby I would almost say. I like this very much. I end my day in the afternoon by drawing a picture.

If I want a break in between I’ll go craft in my mini journal or draw a Cartoon girl. Just thinking, pasting, cutting or drawing and being completely busy with something else than blogging or studying. Ideal!

Step away from your desk for a moment

Eating a sandwich at your desk, or standing in the kitchen, don’t do it. Even if you are home alone make sure you have a good lunch and do this away from your workstation for a while.

Take short breaks

Drinking coffee at your desk, your tea already gone cold. Take a mini break and drink your coffee or tea in peace. Your work can wait a while.

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Think about your eyes

Maybe you know it from kids, the 20-20-2 lifestyle rule. This is to prevent nearsightedness in children. The Eye Fund recommends the 20-20-2 rule for children and teens up to age 20:

  • After 20 minutes look close (for example, on your phone or tablet);
  • A 20-second break to look into the distance;
  • and at least 2 hours a day of being/playing outside (including breaks and, for example, walking or biking to and from school or work) so that your eyes get enough daylight.

Now of course this is the same with us -adults-, we also look at the screen way too long. Sitting in front of your laptop all day is just not good for your eyes. Also try to look away from your computer for 20 seconds after 20 minutes. And take your breaks.

Not only better for your eyes, but also for work productivity. Because after a break you can get back to business as usual.

Think about yourself and take a break

So even if you’re working at home think about yourself and take a break. Because taking breaks makes you more productive!

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