Ambassador of foundation Opkikker – what you can do for this foundation

Ambassador of foundation Opkikker- what you can do for this foundation.

The boys both got to experience a day of stimulus from Stichting Opkikker in recent years. These days were so fantastic that the youngest decided to ambassador of the Opkikker foundation. Mar what exactly does this mean and what can you do if you are an ambassador?

And how you can help by organizing a coffee morning.

Opkikker Foundation

What is Stichting Opkikker and what do they do exactly?? Being ill for a long time demands a lot of perseverance and energy from a child. The often long treatments and hospitalizations are tough, as is the uncertainty involved and seeing that friends can lead a normal life.The illness also has far-reaching consequences for other family members.

Dad, mom, brothers and sisters have to adjust their lives and have to deal with worries and uncertainties.

Bright spots are very important in a situation like this. In a difficult period, beautiful, fun moments are experienced very intensely. They contribute to the mental state of the child and the rest of the family.Foundation Opkikker provides these bright spots. About two thousand times a year we surprise families with a long term sick child with an unforgettable Opkikkerday. During this day of relaxation and fun, we put not only the sick child, but all family members in the limelight.

Afterwards, the family will receive image and video material to relive the day. An Opkikker day therefore lasts much longer than one day.

Super Opkikker Day and Fantasy Day

With the eldest we got to experience a Super Opkikker day in 2015, where they went out with pirates, got to put out a fire with the fire department, learned to change tires with the ANWB and so much more. I 2016 the youngest had a Fanatsy day. Where she learned to do magic like Harry Potter.

Having their picture taken with the Minions, learning all about Parrots and so much more. These days were so cool! Both for the boys and for us. You know what I found perhaps the most wonderful thing, besides intensely enjoying the enthusiasm of the children, I did not have to think about anything.

I who have to schedule care every day did not have to look at my watch this day because our ‘companions’.


The youngest decided to become an ambassador for Stichting Opkikker. He collects cell phones and cartridges in, around and from family and friends. With the proceeds of all mobile phones and cartridges, the foundation Opkikker can give other children a day of encouragement.

Ambassadors can also come up with their own actions, sponsor runs or other ways to raise money.

To put these ambassadors in the spotlight, a day is organized every year. This is where the mobiles can be handed in. This year this day was in Amersfoort Zoo.

It was a great day.

You can also do something for Foundation Opkikker

Even if you are not an ambassador, but would like to help Foundation Opkikker, you can still do so. Namely by organizing a Coffee Morning. At work, with family or friends.

On October 6, Stichting Opkikker organizes another Coffee Morning

Do you also participate in the coziest action of the year? Organize a Coffee Morning for your friends, family or colleagues! Bake your best cake, make your best cup of coffee and invite friends, family, neighbors or colleagues to your very own Coffee Morning.

In exchange for a morning of fun and a table full of goodies you ask your guests for a voluntary contribution for charity. This way, Stichting Opkikker can offer more families with a long-term sick child an unforgettable Opkikker day. Just like Matt and his family.

How to organize a coffee morning?
Sign up on morning.En and get the package to complete your Coffee Morning! From invitations and cake nametags to a yummy recipe and the donation box. All you have to do then is invite your friends, family and/or colleagues’s, dress up your venue nicely (with the package), get the coffee ready and bake your best cake! Or getting a cake from the bakery around the corner.

In exchange for your hospitality, you ask the guests to put a contribution in the donation box for Stichting Opkikker.

Our boys continue to collect mobiles and hope to raise money for stichting opkikker in other ways as well. I hope I gave you an idea of what this is all about and can only say ‘Stichting opkikker is top!’.

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