Resolutions With these tips you will succeed this time

Good intentions? These tips will make it work this time

Or good intentions success depends on the time of day you take it and December and January are just not the right months. Is this the reason why keeping these resolutions often fails??

Goodbye old year, hello new year

I love December. Even though it’s a busy and sometimes stressful month, I still love it. The holidays , birthdays, lots of time with family and my family.

Christmas songs going over in the top 2000. And then the new year. I like to say goodbye to the old year and start fresh in the new one.

But what about New Year’s resolutions and do they work??


New Year’s resolutions belong to the new year. Almost everyone has them and sometimes they work well, but often they don’t. I’ve always made New Year’s resolutions and even now I have one, but I’ve also noticed that starting a resolution in between works much better. One of my New Year’s resolutions came into being on September 1 and I started on September 2. This was healthier living.

I started that date with low-carb eating and walking more. I’m still keeping both and that’s probably because it started just after the vacations, when I really felt like working on it and it’s not a must.

Blue Monday

Anyway about good intentions. We almost all make them on January 1, but we have Blue Monday three weeks later for a reason. Blue Monday is a name, given to a date for the supposedly most depressing day of the year. The day we realize, among other things, that our good intentions did not come true. They often don’t work.

They often work so badly that a year later you often don’t remember what your good intention was. Or do you remember what you had said to yourself on January 1, 2019? December and January are bad months too.

Because of the cold and darkness, you prefer to stick to anything comfortable (and usually not so healthy).

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Why resolutions don’t work?

Of course, good intentions can also work. I can see that from my own resolution. But why do they often not work?

Often people formulate their resolutions incorrectly. Goals like ‘I don&#8217t want to get behind with my mail anymore’ will not motivate you to. If you want them to succeed, try to make them positive.

Try to get a picture in your head of what you want to achieve. Often you make big plans, but what actions to do next, you don’t think about that. On January 1 it is very easy to say ‘ I will stop smoking’ but make sure you have a plan in your head, to realize this. It often helps to say your New Year’s resolutions loudly whenever you start them.

Let your surroundings, at work and your friends know that you would like to lose some weight, stop smoking or drinking alcohol. Then they can take this into account and won’t force a pastry on you, offer you a cigarette or put you in front of a glass of wine.

With these tips, New Year’s resolutions should work and well, otherwise we’ll start again next year!

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