Craft Sensations Create Your Own Cards Or Page in A Journal

Craft Sensations Make Your Own Cards Or Page in A Journal

Do You Know The Products of Craft Sensation? The Creative Ones Will Probable Shout YES IMDIATILY, But Others May Think ‘ Huh, What ’? Craft Sensations is Crafting for Adults. Let me come up with some examples.

Craft Sensations, what is it is it?

Craft Sensations is based in The Netherlands and Market Leader in Creative Materials and Import and Development, Under The Brand Names Craft Sensations & Art Sensations. Through Stores Like Action They Sell Hobby And Artist Materials for Adults. Materials Like Designer Pads, Paper and Cardboard, Stamps, Ribbons, Acrylic Paints, Markers, Brushes and So Much More.

Crafting with Paper

For years I have leg crafting with products from the craft sensations brand, without realizing that are so many different products. I Buy My Craft Supplies At Action, Purely Because It is very affordable. I Found Out That I Have All The Products Of Craft Sensation In My House When I Searched for Craft Paper And Found the Site of Craft Sensations.

Blog Site and Facebook Page

On this site I saw not only what they have in hobby and craft stuff. But also that they have their own blog site. A site where they give ideas for crafting, examples such as cards and books. Here is a very clear (step by step) explanation of how you can make this yourself. There is also a facebook page where there are challenges and people show their creations (all made with the products of craft sensations). Once Here, I Got Crazy Excited by the Fun Examples And Got To Work With Their Examples And Ideas.

Make Your Own Daily Spread

Made in Response to the September Challenge, in My Journal

Crafting with Paper

When I work with craft sensations, I Mainly use the design blocks, which Come in Two Sizes, Large and Small. With these you can make pages ’ s in your (junk) journal, but also cards, storage boxes or photo books. You name it and you can use this paper for it. Besides the design blocks they have the creative paper collection, with paper, stickers, cards, labels and gift wrapping and the journaling designpad, here come the ’ to do list ’ From the first photo. You can also use these for your journal or for making cards. In Addition, I Personally Use The Washitape From Craft Sensations, But they Have Much, Much More.

Different Types of Paper From Craft Sensation Creative with Paper

Examples with Craft Sensations

For Me, My Journal is A Kind Of Diary, Planner, Photo Book, Basically All In One. I make pages ’ s of days here, but also my wish lists are in there, Appointments I Write Down, I stick photos ’ s in there, Everything I Want To Keep. To brighten up the pages ’ s i always use craft sensations paper from a design block or from the paper collection and stick the stickers, tags and cards to it.

Create Pages

Make Your Own Cards

But Making Cards Yourself is also very nice, with the Products of Craft Sensations. I never made cards myself, yes Maybe Once or Twice at Christmas, But Not Much Else. Until I SAW The Example On The Site. I followed that step by step and made the following cards.

Make Your Own Cards Make Cards with Paper

card making

Materials in Abundance

Craft Sensation Are Products for Adults Who Want To Be Creative. You can buy them at Action But You can also find the Products Online, AltheHeh They Are Much More Exensive Than In The Store. New Products Come Into The Store Regularly.

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