Meet Jet Jul TV on youtube an inspiring platform for children

Meet Jet & Jul TV on youtube: an inspiring platform for children aged 2 – 8

Do you ever worry about your kids' screen time? And is the program they are watching good for them?? Meet Jet & Jul TV on YouTube: an inspiring platform for children aged 2-8 years.

And then at least they look at something good.

That little voice in your head

Don't we all know the concerns about our child's heavy screen use and the discussion about it. I think we all hear that little voice in our head, wondering what the effects of all that screen time are. What if they watch something that is not wrong for children to watch?

Meet Jet & Jul TV

Children watch a lot of YouTube, but as a parent you regularly wonder if what they see is good for your child. Jet & Jul TV is a unique YouTube channel that feeds parents and children with inspiration to get started themselves. In short videos, Stefanie Bouwels, professional life- & play coach at SimpelSamenSpel, the children play along on an adventure.

Responsibly and from her unique, self-developed thinking technique: 4 ways to play.

The Thinking Technology 4 Ways to play encourages children to play again. And this thinking technique helps you towards a more relaxed lifestyle with young children. When your kids play nicely, it has a direct effect on the atmosphere in the house.

And with this way of thinking there is always something to play with!

4 ways to play provides:

  • A little time for yourself.
  • More sociability at home, in the car, at the restaurant or on the way to the supermarket
  • Healthy development for your child: creativity, self-reliance and positivity
  • No need for expensive toys anymore (almost everything is a toy!)
  • Less whining about phone and the ipad
  • Connecting with your child
  • And back to work charged up!

Every Sunday morning there will be a new simples game with Stefanie and her play kids Jet & Jul. The developed content is kidsproof, tailored to the perception of (young) children (2-8 years old). What you see inspires, enthuses children and encourages offline play. Subscribe directly to Jet here & Jul TV and get fresh, approachable play ideas for you and your kids every Sunday.

Free and for nothing.

Who's behind Jet & Jul?

Jet's YouTube channel & Jul TV falls under the umbrella of SimpelSamenSpel: an initiative of Ronald and Stefanie Bouwels. Stefanie and Ronald have a background in play-based education and childcare, and developed a handy thinking technique that motivates children to play in a variety of ways. Based on this thinking technique, they develop all kinds of products and services for parents and children that are about play.

There is now the playbook Supertof! and free valuable YouTube channel for children.

Stefanie Bouwels, initiator of SimpelSamenSpel, content, product developer, life- & play coach and author of the playbook Supertof!

Ronald Bouwels, initiator of SimpelSamenSpel, content, product developer, producer, editor and enthusiastic presenter for his own YouTube channel Supertof! TV. Developer of edutainment, presenter and speaker on the value and power of SimpelSamenSpel.

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