3310 – School for Millennials opens its doors

3310 – School for Millennials opens its doors

3310 – School for Millennials Will open its doors in October 2017. In Wework Metropolis Amsterdam, Millennials Learn About Burnout, Making the Right Choices in Life and Other Dilemmas ’ That this ‘Performance Generation’ Faces.

3310- School for Millennials

Founder wing yan man aims to teach millennials the skills they dod’t get in school. Shey to do this through Courses Focused on Self-Reflection. With This, 3310 – School for Millennials Wants To Teach Them How To Get More Rest.

Nintendo and YouTube

Wing yan man believes ingrained life patterns or millennials caus continuous energy loss. Where their parents only had four TV channels to choose from, millennials grew up with a world of ninterto, napster and youtube. From a young age are to told they can be and do anything they want. That Glut of Choices Causes Paralysis. And add to that the impatience from the ‘on demand’ culture, the performance pressure in the job market and the confrontational ‘perfect’ selfies and voilĂ , the performance generation is born.

Finished Studying

“We Millennials are done studying and wikipedia does not Answer all the questions. Our Parents Didn’t Grow Up With The Internet, Social Media or The Yolo Mentality. So Where And To Whom Can We Turn With Our Questions?”Wondered Wing. With 3310 – School for Millennials Wants To Teach Millennials Skills to Break Patterns And Create Peace In Their Lives.


Courses Taught at 3310 Are Focused on Self-Reflection. Using Practical, Daily Exercises, Students Learn to Be Closer to Themselves. Millennials who feel they constantly have to ‘ do things ’ Learn How To Put Less Pressure On Themselves. For Young Professionals Working at Large Organizations, OR WHO Are Looking For A Job, There Is A Course “ How to Become Visible Without Having to Sell Myelf?”.

Soft skills

The Program also Teaches Soft Skills Related to Communication and Giving and Receiving Feedback. Personal attention and self-reflection are highly valued. There is room for up to twelve people per class. With 3310, Wing Yan Man hopes to combat burnout among millennials, but above all she wants to help her contemporaries on their way to being closer to themselves.

Visit www.3310.school for more information for the course schedule.

Funny detail

3310 – School for Millennials is named after the Nokia 3310 that every one of this generation grew up with.

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