Meaningful gift – Give a bracelet with birthstone

Meaningful gift- Give a bracelet with birthstone

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a mother who has just become a mom, or maybe been a mother for a long time? Then think of a birthstone bracelet. A brick with a story.

At Kaya Jewelry you will find much more personal, special jewelry for yourself or to give as a gift.

Birthstone bracelets from Kaya Jewelry

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a ‘ New ’ mother, a mother who has been mothering for some time, or for a grandmother? Then a birthstone bracelet from Kaya Jewelry is the ultimate gift. Every mother wants to show off with her children.

Or grandma ’ s who want to show with a colorful bracelet how proud of their grandchildren are. A birthstone bracelet is a meaningful gift and also colorful because in addition to that every month has its own color stone?

A piece of jewelry with a story

The great thing about a birthstone bracelet is that this is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but there is a story behind it. The month in which your child was born is already special and now you always wear it to you. The birthstones give the bracelet a cheerful and colorful effect. And do you want something unique now. At Kaya jewelry you can also opt for a birthstone to hang a charm next to this.

For example with the name of your child or the first letter of the name. If that is not a meaningful gift!

Enough choice

For this Kaya jewelry bracelet you can choose from three colors. Gold plated, silver or rosé gilt. The size of the bracelet can also be chosen in bracelet ladies, teen, child and baby. This way you can also buy a bracelet together with your daughter. In the bracelet I ordered, four birthstones can be placed if desired.

If you prefer not to wear bracelet, then there are also plenty of other jewelry, such as chains, rings or earrings where you can have this birthstone placed.

For this Kaya jewelry bracelet you can choose from three colors. Gold gilded, silver or rosé gilded

A meaningful gift

This time I ordered a birthstone bracelet at Kaya Jewelry, purely because I find the bracelet with birthstone incredibly beautiful, but I also think the meaningful of the birthstone is a beautiful message. Now I have been a fan of the jewelry from Kaya Jewelry and ordered a bracelet on the site for some time. Then with the names of the boys.

For every style or event you will find beautiful jewelry on the site. So whether you are looking for something for the holidays, a birthday or a maternity gift. Here you have to be.

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