The nicest maternity gifts for a girl

The best maternity gifts for a girl

Will you be visiting a baby girl soon?? Then this list is for you! I have selected the best maternity gifts for girls. Which one will you give?

Are you going to have a baby girl soon? Then this list is for you! I have the nicest baby gifts for girls

Why maternity gifts for girls?

Luckily there are lots of gifts suitable for boys and girls. But I like to give really something for boys and really something for girls. Unless the parent really doesn’t want them. There are so many nice maternity gifts for girls. And that’s why I made this list for you. I am curious what you will give from this baby girl list.

Backpack with name

Girls and purses, it’s still something special. My daughter already has tons of them and she’s only four. Girls love bags. A backpack with name is perfect for a girl’s mother. I am also sure that this will be one of the most original baby gifts. Usually they get clothes, rompers or books. But backpacks are not often given, even though they are cute and handy! Get the name on it then you’re sure to have a hit! My favorite? The teddy backpack, because they are wonderfully soft and so cute!

Hug with name

I love soft toys and so does my daughter. We also got a rabbit with name as a baby gift. That is still her favorite toy. Girls love soft and cute things. So a lovely soft toy is also suitable as a maternity gift!

A suitcase with stuff

There are sturdy little suitcases where you can put all kinds of stuff in. An ideal maternity gift! Put something in it for the mother, pink socks for the girl and something nice and you really have something to show off. Something else than a maternity basket!

A dress with leggings

There are so many cute dresses for sale. Dresses make a girl mom very happy. Don’t forget to buy leggings that match well with it. So you know you can wear it right away! And dresses don’t always have to be pink. A girl mom is also happy that other colors. At least I do! Although my daughter now thinks otherwise.

Baby pins and bows

Did you know that there are also pins that go great in your baby’s hair? Really cute. This way the mother doesn’t have to wait until she has enough hair for a ponytail. With this you can quickly put something cute in the hair and it also looks super cute!

Everything from Sophie the Giraffe

The daughter of a friend of mine loves Sophie the Giraffe. But also in my class I have girls who used to play with this. You have lots of Sophie’s things. There are cuddly toys, teething rings, dishes and care products. Highly recommended for a mom who just had a girl.

But what do you choose? I would love to know what you would give a mother who has just had a baby girl.
Please let me know?

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