Tips for a good workplace

Now that we seem to be working more and longer from home, it is important to have a good workplace at home. A Place Where You Are Comfortable, Have Everything At Hand And Can Do Your Work Properly. What You Need For This?

What does your workplace look like?


You Read It In The News The Other Day, Now That So Many People Work At Home, More And More People Suffer From Neck And Back Problems. And that's not weird at all. For what does your workspace look like?

Have your own desk? A Good Chair? Have you created a good workplace for yourself?

A Good Workstation

I've Been Working at Home for Years and Where the Dining Table Used to Be My Workstation, at Some Point I Traded It In For My Own Desk. I Didn't Really Make Any Adjustments to Our Living Room To Make It Easy For Myself. This only Changed when my husband also came to work at home.

When this turned out to take longer and might Become Commonplace in the future, he decided to make some adjustments to his workstation and i decided to see what could help me make a good place of it as well.

A Good Office Chair

In The Last Few Months I Have Invested A Lot In A Good Workplace. Bought a desk i work at before, I was still sitting on a dining room chair. Now I work in the Living Room and My Husband Has Moved His Place from our Oldest son's bedroom to the Attic.

He came down one afternoon saying; ’ Come on We're Going to Buy a Desk Chair.’ Only now that I have a good chair I realize what a good chair does a lot of good, because I sit so much better at my desk now.


Where I recently read about Neck Pain I Recognized This. I got the tip from my husband (who had looked into it a little better than me) that Maybe I COULD PURCHASE A LAPPOP stand stand. I decided to go for a foldable and adjustable laptop stand.

This stand is iDeal!

There was no description with it, so you had to puzzle a bit, but actual it speaks for itself. I Find the Stand Very Easy To Use And Notice Immediately That My Posture Is Much Better. I sit up straighter and have no more neck problems.

Tips for a good workstation

Querty Keyboard

But a new stand on my desk also mean a new keyboard. For this I Chose an Apple Magic Qwerty Keyboard Connected via Bluetooth to My MacBook. The Keyboard Came With A Charging Cord.

After Charging, You Can Work With This Keyboard For About A Month Before It Needs To Be Recharged Again.

I like my keyboard and am very satisfied with my workstation.

Wifiba booster

If your workspace is upstairs in a room or in the attic, the wifi may not be as good as when you work downstairs. What Is Wise is to Purchase A Wifibooster Thenen. We Opted For A Smart WiFibooster TP-Link Deco M4 From Ziggo. This Set of Three Smart WiFi Boosters (Mesh Wifi Points) Together Form a Large WiFi Network.

You Connect One To Your Modem With An Internet Cable, The Other Two Are And On The Second Floor And In The Attic.

These two only use a wall outlet and don't need an internet cable. IDeal because now both my husband and i, but also the kids with their homework, have good internet.

Provide Good Coffee

Looking Back, we spent QUITE A LOT of Money Duration This Period. A Lot For Our Workstations, But also Luxury Products. Duration the time it was just the two of us working at home, our coffee machine stopped working. After a Few Cups or Instant Coffee, we decided to get a new coffee machine after all all.

Now It's Very Personal, What You Like To Drink.

Filter Coffee or Esspresso, But Good Coffee is -For Many – Important-.

A Good Laptop Bag

And if you do go to the office for the day, make sure you have a good laptop bag with you. Finally, You Have To Bring Everything From Home Back To The Office. This can be QUITE A LOT, MAKE SURE YOU A GOOD STURDY BAG, Because Now that the Neck and Back Problems Are Going So Well, You Want To Keep It That Way.

Tips for a good workplace

Working from Home Is The Future

Now that it looks like we will be working more from home, it is important that you make sure you have a good workplace at home. Working More from Home Means Investing More But You Will Benefit Tremendously From It. Do you have anything else you need to work well at home?

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