Mommy Bloggers Day 2016 blog hop with 55 wins!

Today is finally the day. The day that 55 mom bloggers have been waiting months for. Today is the very first Mommy Bloggers Day. A day where you can hop from mom blog to mom blog and find a win action on every blog in the process. The don't get any crazier.

So also on you can participate in a nice win action. Hop on over to the next blog?

Mommy Bloggers Day 2016

There are many mommy blogs in the Netherlands and Belgium. All fun sites with personal stories, recognition, diy’s, reviews and more. They are all a bit different but all have one passion; blogging. Now there is also a Mommy Bloggers Day where you can get to know all kinds of nice blogs and have a chance to win great deals.

So click through.


Welcome readers, forwarded by the bloghop. I am Bianca, full-time mom, thirty-something and mother of a royal couple. On Fulltime I do my best to inspire you. What can you find on my blog?

I share cool DIY’s with you, with a clear explanation, that everyone can get started with. You can also find recognizable anecdotes, crazy stories or troubles what every mother struggles with from time to time. Every week I share a great webshop with my readers. A webshop that makes me happy and that I think my readers will love as well. Many times this article is accompanied by a nice win action or fun discount code to shop directly.

So I hope to see you back!


Some readers may have come here by following the bloghop in the article on! A blog that I enjoy reading myself. Karin's blog is a cheerful blog with lots of fun tips and diy ideas.

Did you join the win action there too?

If you like to discover even more blogs go especially to the beautiful blog of Josan, Good Girls Company. She also has a nice win action running.

Mommy Bloggers Day 2016; blog hop with 55 wins!


On Fulltime Mama.You can win a cool set consisting of a chalk crown and a name bracelet of your choice. You might know the chalk crown from a previous blog. The chalk crown is made for you with a choice of borders.

Also great for a boy!

In addition, you may have a beautiful name bracelet put together, made available by Marjo of the webshop Marjoya.en.

DIY; birthday crown from chalk fabric

Mommy Bloggers Day 2016; blog hop with 55 win promotions!

Two examples of a name bracelet by Marjoya.en

What to do?

  • Let us know below for whom you want to win the chalk crown and the name bracelet.
  • Like Fulltime on facebook to see if you have won.

The win action runs on each blog through September 24th. The winners will be announced the next day. Then respond to the message within 48 hours to claim your prize.

For whom do you want to win this set? Don't forget to click through to the next mommy blog.


♥ ♥ ♥ Fulltime Mama uses affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of the links, we may get a small commission on it. It costs you nothing extra, but it does give us something in return. With these proceeds we can maintain this website. Sometimes we get paid for an article or get a product in exchange for a blog post.

This keeps our opinions unchanged and honest. For more information read the disclaimer. ♥ ♥ ♥

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