Facts and fables about hair dye

Facts and fables about hair dye

Nowadays it is quite normal to change the color of your hair. It’s not just women who do this regularly; it’s the most normal thing in the world for men too. For example, to cover up gray hair, but also to try something different. Despite its great popularity, rumors about hair dye toe. Because what is actually the effect of hair dye on your hair?

Is it harmful to your health?? Does it break down healthy hair cells? Or is none of this true and you can make another appointment at the hairdresser’s without any problems??

We went to investigate to clear up all the facts and fables about hair dye and came to some striking conclusions.

Myth: Hair dye is harmful to health

Some people believe that hair dye is very bad for your health. However, none of this is true. All cosmetic products should be extensively tested before they are put on the market. Hair dye is perhaps one of the most tested products worldwide. It should not be sold if it would be harmful to health.

This is also proven by the scientific figures. In addition, hair dye has also been found safe by the Scientific Committee on Cosmetics when it comes to carcinogens. So even KWF Cancer Society informs that coloring the hair will not have any impact on the possible development of cancer cells.

Fact: the more often you dye your hair, the more likely it is to be damaged

Unfortunately there is also bad news. For it is indeed true that hair dye can damage hair. Most importantly, the more you dye your hair, the more likely it is to be damaged. By dyeing, hair becomes drier, thinner and breaks off faster. It can also cause slower growth.

Fortunately, this does not apply to every hair dye. With hair dye without any chemicals and less than 5 percent hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, the chance of damaged hair is much smaller.

There are also things you can do yourself to prevent and repair damaged hair. For example by treating the hair with Olaplex after coloring. Most hairdressers already offer this treatment themselves when coloring.

Myth: You should not dye your hair while pregnant or breastfeeding

There is also a lot of ignorance about hair dyeing during pregnancy and breastfeeding. So many women still believe it is not allowed. This is mainly because previously hair dye with lots of ammonia was used.

This was indeed not good to inhale. Certainly not during pregnancy. In addition, hairdressers sometimes advise against dyeing hair during pregnancy, as the result can sometimes be different than expected due to the influence of hormones.

The fact remains that hair dye during pregnancy and breastfeeding is nowadays extremely safe. More and more natural products are being used. The possible harmful substances that are in it anyway, only end up in the bloodstream in very minimal quantities. The chances of your child suffering from this are nil. Like the chances of this ending up in your breast milk.

So don’t panic.

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