Painting woodwork outside- step-by-step plan

Painting woodwork outside- step-by-step plan

If you own your own home, then painting the woodwork outside will also be on your to-do list from time to time. Not the favorite job for many, and logical too, because you’re really quite busy and often you have to reach the height. Now how can you ensure a good paint job that you can enjoy for a long time?

Painting the woodwork outside

Outside, painting the house. Not everyone is enthusiastic about doing this yourself. Still, if you have exterior woodwork, you’ll need to touch it up every few years.

And then you will have to make the choice whether to do this yourself or have it done.

How often should you paint exterior woodwork?

It is very important to maintain the exterior woodwork properly. Because well maintained paintwork protects the window frames and other wooden parts of your house. How often it should be done is not the same in all cases.

But you can assume on average once every five or six years.

What stops people

What is one reason why so many homeowners actually don’t feel like painting the woodwork outside?? The work itself can be a reason, but the fact that you have to stand on a ladder can also be a good reason that you have little desire to paint the house yourself. You can leave it to a professional, but it is of course cheaper to do it yourself.

Roadmap for painting woodwork outside

If you are going to paint the exterior woodwork yourself what should you pay attention to:

  • Keep in mind the weather. If the temperature is between 10 and 26 degrees, you can paint outside. Be careful not to paint in full sun or when rain is forecast.
  • Always start by removing the old paint where it looks bad. On larger pieces you can use a sander. Old paintwork that still looks good just needs to be sanded down.
  • Then check for damaged pieces of wood and repair them with a wood filler, then degrease the wood and tape the edges.
  • Choose good exterior paint, such as buy sigma S2U Allure Gloss. This is an extremely durable high-gloss exterior paint. Ideal for 4-season window and door frames maintenance.
  • Stand on a ladder? Then use a special ladder mat so it can’t slide around. So safe

More painting

Are you after painting the exterior nice and busy and want to paint more? Sigma paint can provide much more than just exterior woodwork. You can also find paint for painting inside, on metal, floor, wall or ceiling.

And if you make a mistake when painting, don’t worry I have tips for that too.

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