My weekly spread for February bulletjournal

My weekly spread for February bulletjournal

Time for a new month in my Bullet Journal. On Pinterest I find many ideas for my Bullet Journal and I also make a lot myself. Who knows, maybe I can inspire you with ideas just as much as I inspire others myself.


I am always a little ahead with my Bullet journal. This is because I am quite a planner and so I want to be able to put everything on paper. With and month or two further I am already busy at the moment.

So I'm not someone who starts that month in February.

With me this one is already done and also filled in with all my planning.

Bullet journal and (art) journal

Nowadays I also have an art journal next to my Bullet journal. Because I am quite ahead with my Bullet journal I do find it tricky, how many leaves I will keep open for things like events I want to write or draw about. That is why I now have an (art) journal next to my Bullet journal.

Here I draw, paste or paint memories. Just anything I want to remember. But also drawings, which I mankin commission of a challenge or just because I feel like it here. For example, I have a page filled with the big Christmas circus, my fitness boxing experiences and this is where the #creachickweeklychallenge comes in every week.


The Creachickweeklychallenge is a sequel to the Decemberchallenge. In December I made a drawing every day, to a theme commissioned by Creachick. Because this was such a success, we continued in January, but now it's a new assignment every week. So we've already had ice skating ( see below) and underwater ( see above)

Bit of overview

By working with more journals I keep more overview. And is it all a bit clear. My Bullet Journal is my diary and my art journal is my drawing, pasting and painting notebook.

This way it is easily explained.

February week log

In January I resolved to write an article of every month this year. And now February. Actually, I always start my month with a fun front cover.

This time it was a quote I found on Pinterest. After the front cover comes a month's spread. Here I have an overview of the whole month and then there are the weeks, For the weekly spread I also get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.

Often I see an example and give it my own twist.

February weekly spread bullet journal

February weekly spread bullet journal

So, this is the month of February. Who knows, maybe I can inspire you. And in March you will see a similar article.

If you make an example, please let me know, because I would like that very much.

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