A garden room- Create extra living space

A garden room- Create extra living space in your home

Would you like to be able to sit outside all year round? Want more living space inside? That is very well possible with a veranda. This can be placed both at the house and in the garden.

And then if you want even more extra’s, you have your porch made into a garden room make. This is an easy way to create extra living space in or around your home.

A canopy in the garden

Choose more space in your home and have a veranda installed. A porch is a patio roof on uprights that extends your living space. A veranda gives you more living space inside and outside. How nice it is after a day's work to enjoy a starry night while sitting under your canopy.

A canopy can be functional, but can also give your garden a stylish look. A combination is of course also possible. You can have a veranda mounted on your house or wall or free-standing.

Extending the veranda into a garden room

Now you can also turn your porch into a garden room. By the way, a garden room is not a conservatory. But a conservatory is really an isolated space in your house with which you can extend your living room. A garden room is an enclosed space that is not fully insulated.

Yet you can also stay here in the winter with a heater. But unlike a conservatory it is not an extension of your living room.

Attached to the house or detached

What do you choose? Because just like a porch, with a garden room you also have choices. Choose a detached garden room or a garden room attached to the house?

It depends of course on how much and where you have space in your garden for a canopy.

How to create a garden room

Do you already have a porch to the house and would like to turn it into a garden room?. You can expand a veranda by adding side walls and front walls to it. Is this done, then there is a garden room.

You can close the side walls with, for example, a sliding glass wall, or choose frames with windows, but also a swing or sliding door.

Even more extensions possible

Are you completely satisfied with your porch, you can expand it with for example LED spotlights in different colors and numbers. Or choose a heater and thus always have the right temperature under the porch. But you can also opt for awnings on the roof of your conservatory or choose screens, these are blinds that you can hang on the side or front of the veranda.

You see there are plenty of possibilities to extend your veranda or garden room.

Make your home and garden one

Whether you want your home and garden to become one, to be able to sit outside in winter or to create more living space, a veranda or garden room can add value to your home. Both to live in and if you want to sell your house. Be well informed and look at all the possibilities and see how you can make your home and garden a whole.

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